About RPA Boost

Through our past assignments in banking, insurance and government we understand the potential of RPA in helping you achieve key business outcomes. We believe in the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA). It makes processes easier with better quality outputs at a lower cost. With its short time of development and deployment, RPA is able to provide solutions supporting a strategy to concentrate business functions. Another application arises when IT backlogs are full, in that case RPA can support a temporal digital transformation strategy with its non-invasive nature.    

To identify if a business process is suitable for a RPA solution, insight and data are required (as pre-condition). This valuable information can facilitate a long planned process improvement.

We are software engineers and business analysts with a proven track record in large IT implementations who are trained in Agile and Scrum methodologies.

RPA Boost is experienced in LEAN business process consulting. Our goal is to add value by making your processes as simple and transparent as possible.  

Empowering the workforce to improve their processes continuously is one of our main concerns. RPA is not a tool to replace employees, rather it helps them to create time to be involved in value-adding activities.

Our Approach

We want to ensure a successful adoption of the developed RPA by end-users, C-suite and the IT department through involvement from the very start.   

We design software robots in co-creation with our customers. Starting from process analysis, selecting the software that suits your RPA business goals up to the design of software robots.  

Along with diagnostics, process improvement and design, we are also available to assist you with pilots and roll-out planning for RPA implementation. We can even manage all aspects of your RPA initiative by setting up a center of excellence or by providing business awareness through training.   

Do you want to have a showcase for your RPA plans? Why not start with a Booster session guided by us. With a small investment, we can help you in creating buy-in for your RPA initiative by delivering a prototype after a fortnight.